Usually associated with love, Valentine's Day has become a day of love and friendship!
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Between friends or as a couple, there are many reasons to celebrate the love we have for each other. The main thing is to choose something authentic and meaningful that suits you and is sure to please your Valentine and your loved ones!

Here are a few ideas to make the day special:

1. A romantic dinner: book a table at your favorite restaurant. Some restaurants offer gourmet menus in a warm atmosphere with soft background music. It's the perfect way to get together and enjoy your special someone!
Discover the menus of the Vaison Ventoux Provence tourist office's partners HERE. (the list is updated as new menus are received)

2. Offer a bouquet of flowers because it's always a pleasant surprise! Need advice on your bouquet? Visit Les Années Fleurs florist in Vaison-la-Romaine. Their invaluable advice will help you choose the right flower to offer unexpected happiness!
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3. Choose an activity that you enjoy, the key is to take the time to share this moment and think only of yourself! It could be a movie, a horseback ride, enjoying a sunset, a romantic weekend away, a workshop on the passion you share ... Running out of ideas?! Visit HERE for ideas for a romantic getaway!

4. Enjoy a "cocooning" moment, alone, as a couple or with friends, in spas, beauty centers... A wide range of relaxing ideas and activities are on offer: massage, sculpting, treatments, manicures... a nice break to relax and enjoy being pampered!

5. A little present! A nice little gift full of love for your loved ones, to create a special moment, strengthen ties and show your friends just how much they mean to you! Whether your gift is a gourmet one or not, you can get closer to our partners who create flavors, decoration boutiques, fashion items... to discover without further delay HERE!
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6. A special evening at home with an aperitif dedicated to Valentine's Day. Don't forget to toast eye-to-eye, in moderation. A moment to relax with your Valentine or loved ones and enjoy delicious beverages accompanied by products from our creators of flavors! The Vaison Ventoux Provence tourist office store offers a wide range of local products, so you're sure to find what you're looking for!
May your Valentine's Day be filled with friendship, love and tenderness, and may this day be the start of a year filled with little joys!
Chocolaterie Chaloin à Puyméras